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Car Detailing Supplies

Car Detailing SuppliesContent Text Elite Finish, owned by Master Detailer Wes Walz, is our customer's place to find for all your car detailing supplies. Years of experience and focusing on the wants and needs of our customers, have helped us create a selection of products that cover all your car-car needs. Our company gives our clients a wide array of services and high quality car care merchandise. Elite Finish is an industry leader and we give our customers top level care.

We've earned our worldwide reputation for excellence, as well as healthy model business. We work hard to not just excel, but also evolve by creating and marketing new products such as our waterless wash system, “WashMist” which helps both Elite Finish and our customers save water, as well as being better for the environment. Our cutting edge technology makes it so that you/we utilize less than a gallon of water to wash your vehicle, rather than the regular 2-5 gallons.

Not only does our wash use less water, there’s also no harsh chemicals draining into water supplies, it’s nontoxic–both for the health of our clients, and the environment, as well as being Green Certified. The WashMist is one of many of our car detailing supplies on offer. As well as WashMist, we also offer a wide selection of name brand detailing supplies for all your car detailing needs. A few examples are: Elite Finish Products: WashMist RU, WashMist Concentrate, WashMist Pro Strength Concentrate, Premium Blue MicroFiber Towel, Nanoskin Autoscrub Clap Pad, and Blackseal Nitrile Gloves. Examples of some of our CarPro USA Products: CarPro Spray Sealant Reload, CarPro Eraser, and CarPro Inside Cleaner. Accompanying these options are detailing supplies from MicroFiber Madness, and CQuartz. These top of the line products for sale from Elite Finish evidence our commitment to the highest quality in car detail supplies.

Our product choices aren't limited to these top quality selections; we also offer a diverse array of Add-On Services to satisfy all your car detailing wants and needs, such as paint correction, premium window tint, window polishing and coating, premium vinyl customizing, odor removal w/ozone treatment, windshield break repair, headlight restoration, rim/wheel repair and rim/brake caliper detail and coating, and lots more.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable employees at Elite Finish, in one of our many Southern California locations, will help you find the perfect car detail package or detailing supplies to fit your needs. Whether you choose one of our elite packages, such as our CQuartz Finest Ceramic Coating Packages or supplies such as our WashMist Wash Kit, which is easy on your wallet and easy to use, our company has all your car detailing needs covered.

Elite Finish sells all our customers need to help you make your vehicle look it's best and keep it in top condition. Whether you’re fixing up an old car or keeping your exotic automobile in top shape, we’ve got everything you need in car detailing supplies, as well as elite detailing packages.
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