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CQuartz Finest Reserve is an evolution in nanotech ceramic paint coating service.

CQuartz Finest Reserve is a unique experience built around Next-Gen nanotechnology and the service of the most talented and passionate car care perfectionists in the world. While the technology and results of Finest Reserve are truly Next Gen, the principals that guide the CQuartz Finest program and their installers hearken to a time when quality, responsibility, honesty, character, and good old-fashioned hard work were expected.

Since day one the goal of CQuartz Finest, has been to approve only the most talented, caring, and character driven professionals across the world. Over the years the program has continually improved and demanded more of their installers, while pushing the chemists to continuously innovate and provide the tools necessary to surpass expectations for these specialists and their clients time and again!

When Finest Reserve is selected, there is only one option for preparation of the vehicle. All Finest installers have made a commitment to fully prep, decontaminate, and polish the surface to the highest level possible before application of Finest Reserve to enhance it even further! Furthermore, a mandatory 2 coats are applied (at a minimum) and heat cured at a consistent 140° F via IR cure lamps for the ultimate automotive enhancement experience.

Finest Reserve provides a gloss that lasts for years, provides stain resistance, hydrophobicity, gloss, and creates a dirt-repellency not possible with any other method of protection. Finest Reserve becomes an integral part of your vehicle sheltering the finish from environmental hazards and allowing it to be washed with ease for years to come.

After your vehicle has been returned to you, our commitment does not end. One of the greatest advantages of Finest Reserve is their line of maintenance products designed and manufactured in house specifically for use with their nanotech coatings. Without appropriate tips, even the best products cannot reach their potential. Therefore your specialist and/or the owner of CQuartz Finest North America is mandated to provide a thorough explanation and demonstration of how to care for your vehicle before your first wash. Furthermore your specialist will present you with an owner’s manual and show you how to properly wash the vehicle with WashMist Waterless Wash.

How does CQuartz Finest Reserve work?

CQuartz Finest Reserve utilizes an entirely new technology built on a complex hybrid blend of quartz infused epoxy nanotech particles.  This Next-Gen technology utilizes an advanced hybrid nano structural composition, which bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials, creating an extremely high gloss, dense nano-coat.  This results in an extremely glossy, durable, thick coating of protection that lasts for many years and with advances in a variety of attributes and unlike anything that has come before it.

CQuartz Finest Reserve Chart
CQuartz Finest Reserve 2


+ Type: Next Gen Sio2 Poxi Nano
+ Durability: 3-10 Years
+ Thickness: 3µm
+ Sliding angle: 10°
+ Contact angle: 115°
+ Temp. resiliance: Subzero ~ 1000°>


Sophisticated 3D Nano Structure offers immense water beading and sheeting characteristics, with a Contact Angle of 110° ~ 115°, and the only coating on the market that offers a jaw dropping 10° sliding angle!

Aesthetics & Gloss

Finest Reserve yields a unique richness and depth found nowehere else in the world. Its advanced protective properties maintain this rich, glossy finish, resists oxidation and dulling for years to come.

Protection From Bugs

They come in all shapes and sizes. Many are highly acidic and can wreak havoc on your paint! They impact the front of your vehicle at high speed and as their body’s explode the acidic contents spills out onto your paint. Within minutes it can eat through a layer of traditional wax before it dries and bonds hard to the surface in the heat of the sun. If the bug is highly acidic it will begin the process of etching into your clearcoat in a matter of hours. Each time it is exposed to moisture more acids are released and eventually your paint may experience permanent damage. With 3µm of CQuartz Finest Reserve between the bugs and your paint they can no longer cause permanent damage to your paint. Finest Reserve is resistant to acids and its rare any mark will be left on the coating with reasonable washing schedules. In the rare event a bug does leave something behind you can be rest assured your paint is still safe beneath the coating.

Easier Maintenance

CQuartz Finest Reserve offers extreme dirt and water shedding abilities beyond that of any other product available. With the self-cleaning affect provided by Finest Reserve, most dirt slides right off during the rinse and the rest is removed during the wash process.

Fine Swirl Resistance

Waxes and sealants obviously offer no swirl resistance. When you wash, dry, or touch your paint at any time you have the potential to scratch the surface. The scratches we are talking about here are very fine and referred to as “swirls” but as they build up the level of gloss you see as reflections and depth to your paint withers. These swirls refract light away from your eyes which is one of the causes of a dulled appearance to your paint over time. Finest Reserve assists in resistance to fine swirls alongside proper maintenance and care. It should be noted that no coating is swirl proof and it is important to use only high quality wash mitts and drying towels or a blower to maintain near perfection.


Since day one, the goal of the CQuartz Finest program has been to approve only the most talented, honest, and character driven professionals across the world. Over the years the program has continually improved and demanded more of their installers. Currently we can proudly state that less than 100 installers in all of North America are licensed and have access to CQuartz Finest Reserve!

Protection From Bird Droppings

The most dangerous enemy your paint will likely see in its life is bird droppings. They can vary in level of toxicity but it is well known by professionals that a bird dropping can dissolve wax on contact, eat deep into paint, and leave an etching within minutes. With Finest Reserve you have a barrier which resists bird droppings and allows you time to discover and remove them so they cannot cause permanent damage to your paint.

Dust & Dirt Resistance

Carnauba wax provides very minimal protection and unfortunately dust sticks to very easily. Polymer sealants are a little better and stay cleaner than waxes however they too allow dirt and dust to stick to them. In the air around us and on the highways, all sorts of contaminants attack your paint. Iron particles coming off the brakes of other vehicles can lodge into your paint and allow moisture to penetrate around them. Over time the oxidation process from moisture and sun break down around these iron particles and eat microscopic holes into your paint. Finest Reserve puts an end to this with a thick barrier that does not allow these contaminants to reach the paint surface and are easily removed with the use of CarPro Reset wash and occasionally CarPro decontamination products.

Finest Reserve Service

When Finest Reserve is selected, there is only one option for preparation of the vehicle. No expense will be spared in the preperation of the surface before application of Finest Reserve! A mandatory minimum 2 coats of Reserve are applied and heat cured at a consistent 140° F via IR cure lamps for the ultimate automotive enhancement and protection. Additional services including coating of interior, glass, convertible top, plastic trim, brightwork, and wheel coating are also offered by our installers. Some of these items may be included in your Finest package or may be offered a la carte. Ask your Finest installer for more details. After your vehicle has been returned to you, our commitment does not end. One of the greatest advantages of Finest Reserve is the line of maintenance products designed and manufactured in house specifically for use with our advanced nanotech coatings. Your specialist is mandated to provide a thorough explanation and demonstration of how to care for your vehicle before your first wash. Furthermore they will present you with an owner’s manual and complimentary set of wash products from CarPro for ease of care and maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I can get my car wet?

12-24 hours after your vehicle was coated it can be exposed to water. If the vehicle gets wet before that time, water should be blown off or safely wiped off before it dries on the surface.

How long should I wait before washing my car with soap?

You should wait a minimum of 5 days before washing with soap or using any cleaners, however bugs and bird bombs can be removed asap, as directed below.

Should I use a drive through car wash?

Absolutely not if you care about your perfect finish! Drive through car washes have sharp, hard, dirty bristles that can severely swirl and damage your paint.

Should I let the dealership wash my car?

NEVER allow a car dealership to wash your vehicle. They do not understand how to, nor do they have the time or the proper equipment to do so without introducing swirls into your perfect finish.

Will Finest Reserve or Professional prevent rock chips?

No, no coating can prevent rock chips however it will protect the paint from road rash caused by tiny sand fragments at high speed. For rock chips ask your Installer about application of a Paint Protection Film after polishing and before application of CQuartz Finest Reserve or CQuartz Professional.

How long will it realistically last beyond the 2 years?

This depends on how you care for your vehicle. If you take proper care of your vehicle, it can last for many years!

This sounds amazing, but where can I hear from others who already have Finest on their vehicle?

Please see the Testimonials page located above! We have shared some of our customers’ stories there.

What is the difference between CQuartz and CQuartz Finest?

The short answer is just about everything. There are many differences between CQuartz and CQ Finest Reserve. While both are glass coatings Reserve offers greater gloss, dust and dirt resistance, fine swirl resistance, a slick to the touch feel, more resistance to water spots and the environment, and FINEST RESERVE is offered only through Authorized Installers who have developed their skills and take the utmost pride in their work.

What is the best possible way I can care for my perfected and enhanced vehicle now protected with CQuartz Finest?

If you do not have your installer maintain your vehicle we recommend using our WashMist Waterless Wash and a Microfiber Madness Dry Me Crazy towel for drying. If you have questions please ask us how to properly and safely wash your vehicle without introducing new damage to your paint's finish.

Can I clay my car?

No, you should not clay your vehicle. Now that it is coated, regular washing will remove contaminants easily and bonded contaminants will become rare. In the case that bonded contaminants do collect, CarPro Iron X will easily dissolve them without hurting your coating. Order CarPro Iron X through our online store or in our shop in San Diego.

I enjoy waxing my car. Is there something else I can apply to Finest that is not an inferior product?

Yes, we highly recommend CarPro Reload. Reload is an inorganic quartz sealant with SiO2 in a water based formula. CarPro Reload adds slickness and gloss to your paint and can be utilized to maintain peak showroom shine and slickness.

Does CQuartz Finest Reserve and Professional prevent swirls?

Finest does resist swirls from washing better than any other product on the market. No ceramic coating will be able to prevent swirls 100% but with proper care and technique and the Finest coating you can drastically reduce them. The most important thing you can do is use the supplies we have recommended above, and ask us to show you the proper method of washing.

Can heat or frost damage CQuartz Finest Reserve after it has cured?

No, CQuartz Finest Reserve is extremely resistant to both low and high temperatures.

Water repellency has faded some over time. Is something wrong?

Over time contaminants can build and affect the coating. The good news is a simple treatment of Iron X will dissolve the contaminants and a spray on/wipe off CarPro Reload treatment will revitalize and return the upper hydrophobic layer to its former glory. Reload is water based but also contains SiO2 to easily repair the coating if needed.

Are there any tricks to applying Reload?

It’s quite simple once you know what to do, please watch our video above for visual guide on how to apply CarPro Reload. See more at http://www.elitefinishdetailing.com/product/carpro-reload/

Can CQuartz be applied over paint protection film?

Yes! In fact it will even help protect it from yellowing, fine swirls, and dirt.