Exotic Car Detailing Orange CountyElite Finish has a wide selection of services in car washing supplies and exotic car detailing for Orange County and other places across southern California. We give top quality service and provide the best in car care products. Our experienced staff ensure you the highest level of care and we’re nationally known for setting industry standards across the world.

The owner of Elite Finish, Master Detailer Wes Walz, knows top quality auto and luxury detailing, and his company offers unparalleled quality, top customer service, and the best in industry standards. Elite Finish listens to our customers wants and needs, and because we listen, we know how to provide and offer the best in exotic auto detailing supplies and services. Elite Finish’s exotic car detailing, in Orange County and other locations in Southern California, ensures our customers are provided with everything needed in vehicle detailing services.

Additionally, we’re leaders in pioneering the best in environmental car wash services. Elite Finish trumps the competition in eco-friendly car wash options that both conserve water and are environmentally friendly. We use unrivaled and cutting edge technology and have developed methods so that washing your car only takes a gallon of water rather than the the usual 2 to 5 gallons used by traditional car washes.

Your exotic car deserves the highest quality and most eco-friendly wash and detailing out there. We sell customizable wash packages unequaled by our competitors and the perfect luxury car wash for your exotic car. Examples include, our CQuartz Finest Dream Detail, CQuartz Finest Paint Protection Detail, CQuartz Interior Detail, CQuartz Wheels and Brake Caliper Detail, and our Elite Detail Packages which cover exterior enhancement detail, exterior rejuvenation detailing, and interior detail for all your exotic car needs. Our exotic car detailing, available in Orange County and elsewhere in California, is one of many premium services we provide.

We also have Add-On Services including, but not limited to: paint correction, exotic engine detail, permanent odor removal with ozone treatment, windshield break repair, premium window tinting, premium vinyl customization, paint-less dent repair, and more. Elite Finish meets all your exotic car detailing needs, and we also sell a wide selection of car detailing supplies to help make sure your car stays in top shape. We keep our clients with everything needed for at home detailing too,for example: Elite Finish Products such as WashMist RU, WashMist Concentrate, WashMist ProStrength Concentrate, Blackseal Nitrile Gloves, and Interior detail brushes.

Elite Finish knows our customers’ car detailing needs are different and for this reason we offer a wide range of products, services, and selections to ensure we’re your one stop shop for everything you need in exotic car detailing. Our company gives our customers everything needed in the best car care and detailing service and products. We put customer service and quality first, and stay above our competitors by promoting new product development and methods to keep improving and making our service and merchandise the best. Exotic Car Detailing Orange County
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