Paint Correction Los AngelesElite Finish, located in Los Angeles and other convenient places in Southern California, guarantees our customers the best in quality car care, products, and services. Because of our top notch service and products, Elite Finish acquired a worldwide reputation as an industry leader.

Our customers come to us for all their paint correction and car detailing needs. Whether your vehicle is new and you’re aiming to sell, is used and is in need of a cleanup, or is an exotic brand needing special care, our company has you covered. Elite Finish is an industry leader when it comes to paint correction. We have you and your car covered, for your varied paint correction needs.

No job is too large or too small for our specialized technical crew. One detail that sets us above the competition is that we pay attention to our customer’s needs and put our passionate dedication toward providing top quality work. Elite Finish, located in Los Angeles and other cities in Southern California created a healthy and successful business model and customer service. We've also developed new products and methods to provide our customers the best products and services, as well as keeping up with current environmental trends to guarantee that our products are eco-friendly, save water, and help protect the environment. We bring a higher level of industry standard to everything from full car detailing to paint correction unmatched by the competition .

Our Los Angeles location provides other Add-Ons to our detailing options. Examples of our other services are: CarPro paint protection, Premium window tint, Premium vinyl customization, window polishing and coating, exotic engine detail, rim and brake caliber detail and coating, permanent odor removal w/ozone treatment, windshield break repair, headlight restoration, and more. Elite Finish is a business dedicated to giving you the best in car care. Our paint correction takes a damaged vehicle and turns it from a piece of equipment with little value to a valuable asset. Our paint correction services are cost effective, and assist you in adding value to your car. Elite Finish’s detailing services are wide and cover all our customer’s needs.

Our extensive list includes detailing supplies, one of our many add-on services, or one of our custom detailing packages, such as our CQuartz Finest Dream Detail for new ($3000) Used ($4000) or Abused ($5000), we have you covered. Along with services such as paint correction, Elite Finish also sells Car Detailing supplies in a diverse selection of products and name brands such as WashMist, CarPro USA, CQuartz, and more. Other examples of our products on offer for glass and interior care are: microfiber towels, paint decontamination, paint protector, polishing pad, wheel tire, and rim care, and more.

Elite Finish guarantees our customers have the highest level of care and we provide not only a wide range of services to accommodate your individual car-car needs, but we also focus on both industry standards and care/preservation of the environment. These details and more make us the best and top choice for all our Los Angeles paint correction and car detailing needs. Paint Correction Los Angeles
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